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10 Best Massage Chair For The Money 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Massage Chair For The Money 2021 –

While buying any product, the first thing we see is the price and then we look at the features. We wish to make optimal decisions that give us good value for the money we spend. While buying a massage chair, you need to ensure that you pick one that is aptfor what you pay. Here’s our pick of The Best Massage Chairs for Value.

Best Massage Chair For The Money 2021 Best Massage Chair For The Money 2021

#01 – Human Touch WholeBody 7.1


This Massage Chair comes is ideal if you want to personalize your entire massage experience. You can choose among upper, lower, full, relax, or sleep modes according to your liking. It targets your calves and massages in an upward motion which increases blood circulation to your core which helps to reduce stress. If you spend long hours standing, you will love the extra care it offers your feet and legs. It is very good-looking and can be used as a recliner if not in use. Its amazing looks and enjoyable features, make it a great massage chair.

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#02 – Master Massage

Master Massage Apollo

This massage chair is light and very sturdy, which is the ideal combination for a portable massage chair. This chair is made of aluminum and supports a working weight of 650lbs. As it has a wide seat, it can host people of various sizes. Its frame and cushions can be adjusted and it consists of a storage pouchthat can be used to store accessories. These are also oil-and water-proof which makes cleaning easy. The luggage-style case helps to easily transfer the chair from one place to another quite smoothly. For massage therapists with a wide range of clientele, it gives you pretty good value for your money.

#03 – Real Relax

Real Relax 

With features like Full body zero-gravity massage, Bluetooth connectivity, lower-back heating, and massage automation, this massage chair gives you good value for your money. It has a wide range of options you can use to personalize your massage. You can use a combination of the various features to choose and experiment with what works best for you. Its zero-gravity mode is great and works wonders.  The heating and vibration functions add to improving your massage experience. If you are tall, this massage chair is perfect for you, just make sure you order the correct size!

#04 – Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity

Its zero-gravity mode is great for anyone who wants to lift the weight off their shoulders. In this mode, your feet are higher than your heart which leaves you feeling weightless, and leaves you stress-free. The massage chair has six auto modes which you can use to target specific areas, and also change the speed and strength to your liking. The Bluetooth feature allows you to play songs of your choice which will work towards enhancing the massage experience. It is pretty easy to assemble and gives amazing massages. If you’re under 5’8’’ and looking for an intense massage session, this one’s perfect for you!

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#05 – OWAYS Massage Chair 3D

OWAYS Massage Chair

Oways massage chair uses deep kneading massage nodes on your neck, shoulders, back, and lower back. Its two vibration intensities help to enhance the quality of the massage and promote blood circulation throughout your body.  Its automation modes allow you to select deep kneading, spot, or tapping type of massages on your upper or lower backs. The cover can be easily removed which makes cleaning easier. The massage chair is easy to assemble and contains good quality parts. Add a blanket or pillow if it gets intense for you, and you’ll be more comfortable. For its price, it gives you great value!

#06 – Dowinx Gaming Chair

Dowinx Gaming Chair

This massage chair is very comfortable to relax and its cushions are firm and supportive. It has a 360° swivel, motion wheels for smooth movement, 90° to 180° recline, and 20° rocking features which are great for reading, gaming, napping, or working. The instructions are detailed and it is very easy to assemble too. It also contains a USB port for charging and is made of eco-friendly materials. The footrest is sturdy and the neck pillow increases the comfort. It is best suitable for those under 6’ and weigh less than 230lbs. It is multi-purpose and extremely comfortable for its price.

#07 – Massage Chair

TinyCooper Massage Chair

TinyCooper’s massage chair is best suited for tall people looking for strong massage sessions. Eight massage rollers and thirty-two airbags work on your neck to your feet, giving you the full-body experience. It has three zero-gravity features which you can use according to your liking and comfort.  You can further adjust the speed and strength of the massage too. If you find it too intense, just add a couple of blankets or towels and you’ll be all set. This massage chair offers the same features that a lot of high-end massage chairs do at an affordable price, and is a great buy!

#08 – Adjustable Hydraulic

Adjustable Hydraulic

This stool is a nice fit for beauticians, barbers, salons, tattoo shops, and homes. It allows easy height adjustment (from 18” to 23”) with just a pull of the lever. The seat is comfortable and swivels back and forth quite easily. It also has rolling wheels which allow easy and smooth movement from one place to another. This stool is good for providing back and neck massages as it enables easy access. It is quite lightweight and easy to assemble as well. Its best suited for people under 200lbs and is quite cheap to buy.

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#09 – Esright Power Lift


This electric recliner chair also doubles up as a massage chair and is a nice fit for the elderly.  It is also environmental-friendly and made of skin-friendly materials. The silent motor pushes the chair up without any stress to the back or feet. It provides head, shin, thigh, and lower back massages with five different modes that vary the massage type and two massage intensities. The USB port allows charging for low-power devices like phones or tablets. It comes with clear instructions and is easy to assemble as well. It is affordable and is very comfortable to relax in as well.

#10 – Full Body Electric

Full Body Electric

This massage chair is great for its price! Its Bluetooth feature helps you further relax to the music of your choice. After it fully reclines, pressing the zero-gravity button leaves you feeling weightless. You can choose the automated massage modes which cover your whole body or you can choose a particular body part. Its footrests can be easily extended up to 4.3 inches and people of different heights can comfortably use this chair. It is pretty easy to assemble once you read through the instructions.  With excellent features, great functioning, and affordable price, this massage chair provides you good value.

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