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Best Massage Chair Under $500 – If you are on a tight budget and still need to have a quality massage chair then the iJoy Active 2.0 is just the ideal chair that you will find comfortable.

Best Massage Chair Under $500 2022

This chair is not as enormous as chairs such as the BestMassage EC-06c or even the Osaka 4000 but this chair is the proof that you do not have to sacrifice strength for size. The iJoy is small and hence can fit in a normal living room. It is not complicated and it has incredible features that get the job done.

The chair has flexguide orbital technology that delivers an orbital massage throughout the whole chair. This massage aims at the areas of the body under most strain and offer fast acting relief to this areas. This ensures that the areas with the most strain get a deep massage. In case the intensity is too high, you could through in a blanket or two to reduce it and still get a comfortable massage experience.

$500 Massage Chair

The iJoy comes with customizable programming which is a unique and very important feature. You can set up your own kinds of routine with the feature and concentrate on those areas that are the most hectic. However the chair in itself comes with 3 pre-set massage routines and on top of those routines you could add your own. For such a small and relatively cheaper chair, it can serve the purpose and even take care of a family.

The chair allows the user up to a 45 degree recliner and hence it becomes the most comfortable chair in the living room. It also comes with a tethered controller hence losing the controller or having a sight of wires hanging around is equally taken care of. This makes your house tidier and eliminates the worry of tripping on the chairs wires.

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